Freberg Winner Over Dan Koloff

The Spokesman-Review – January 28, 1931

Swedish Giant Throws Russian Two Out of Three Falls in Wrestling Feature.


John Freberg, 235 pounds, defeated Dan Koloff, 225 pounds, two falls out of three.

Tom Ray, Tacoma, won from Jack Reed, Ogden, first round, when Reed injured.

Tom Ray and Harry Demetral, draw, three rounds.

Iron Chamberlain defeated Roughhouse Hupp, one fall in third round.

John Freberg defeated Dan Koloff two falls out of three in the main event of the wrestling program at the Post Street theater last evening, the card attracting a crowd that more than half filled the theater.

Koloff won the first fall on a wristlock in the second round, while Freberg took the second fall on a headlock in the third round and the final fall in the fourth canto when he fell backward on top of Koloff to pin the Russian underneath.

Freberg was quite the amateur in his acting, but the crowd seemed to enjoy his antics to the limit.  There was plenty of rough stuff and slam bang tactics.

Tom Ray, billed as the light-heavyweight champion of the northwest, won from Jack Reed in less than a round when Reed suffered a dislocated knee and had to forfeit.

As an added attraction, Promoter Jack Routledge put on Harry Demetral and Ray in three 10-minute rounds, the bout going to a draw.  It was rough, to the delight of the crowd.

Iron Chamberlain won from Roughhouse Hupp, scoring a fall in the third round.

The wrestling program next week will feature a match between Freberg and Charlie Hanson of Seattle, both claimants of the Swedish championship.


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  1. Tina Marie Demetral

    Harry M. Demetral is my father

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