Wrestling Bouts at Fairmont

The New York Times – December 20, 1913

Three bouts made up the programme of wrestling at the Fairmont Athletic Club in the Bronx last night, and a large crowd attended, witnessing some good wrestling of the catch-as-catch-can style.  The feature bout was between Paul Samson, the German giant, and Harry Litosky.  Samson had little difficulty in disposing of his adversary in straight falls, gaining the first in twelve minutes, with a body nelson, and throwing Litosky again after three minutes and forty seconds of tussling, with the same hold.

In the second bout Hjalmar Lundin, the Swedish champion was victorious in straight falls over Andy Miller, a Hoboken wrestler.  The Swedish champion first threw his opponent in six minutes and thirty seconds with a crotch and wrist hold, and tallied the second fall in five minutes six seconds with a roll.

The last bout, in which the contestants were George Lurich, the Russian giant, and Jack Martin, an Irish wrestler, proved disappointing in that Lurich completely outclassed his opponent from the start and simply played with him.  Martin Faust was originally scheduled to oppose Lurich, but failed to appear.  Lurich won the bout in straight falls by means of a body hold on each occasion, the first in nineteen minutes and twenty seconds, and the second in eleven minutes.

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