Toe Hold To Be Barred In Linow-Lewis Match

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – April 24, 1916

There is one ambition that Linow, the Cossack, is determined to realize and that is to defeat “Strangler” Lewis. The “Russian Man Eater” is a burly, impetuous athlete and is wrapped up in the wrestling game. His matches in Norfolk have shown him to be always an aggressive, sincere grappler with the one object of winning in view from the time he starts a bout until the finish and there is no limit to the physical power and skill that he does not put into his work to vanquish his opponent.

Besides his wonderful aggressiveness, the Cossack is a remarkable defensive wrestler and can stand no end of punishment. That is why he is regarded as a match for one of the best men in the game.

Norman Hofheimer has arranged a match between Linow and the “Strangler” for Wednesday night at the Pickwick. The only condition of the finish bout is that the toe hold is to be barred and that the winner is to take the big end of the purse.

As the toe hold is not to figure in the match between Lewis and Linow Wednesday night, many of the Cossack’s friends here in Norfolk are taking his end, and are expressing confidence in his ability to put Lewis’ shoulders to the mat. There are others who believe there is no man living with the possible exception of Joe Stecher who can turn the trick.

Since the match with the “Strangler” was arranged last Thursday, the Russian has gone into hard training, and declares he will be in the finest shape of his career when he meets Lewis in the Pickwick next Wednesday night.

Reserved seats for the bout will go on sale at the Pickwick this morning, and as the number is limited, it is expected that the demand will be heavy from the time the list is opened. The match will begin at 8:30 o’clock.

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