Lewis Takes Seventy-Two Minutes To Beat Marvel

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – February 18, 1916

With amazing swiftness, Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the world’s catch- as-catch-can champion, got a crotch and wrist lock on the Masked Marvel, the sensation of the recent tournament in New York, and slowly but surely brought his shoulders to the mat at the Colonial Theatre, ending a conflict of seventy-two minutes of wrestling.

As the bout started it was evident that Lewis was the stronger, but the deftness of the Marvel and his uncanny way of getting out of bone-breaking holds thrilled the large audience and made the finish of the match uncertain. Time and time again did Lewis get a hold on his opponent, but each time he broke the hold just as his shoulder was a few inches from the mat.

After wrestling for over half an hour the Masked one threw Lewis over his shoulder, as they came down Strangler threw the mysterious one over his back and got a body lock which could not be broken even by the strength of the Marvel, who succumbed to the hold after trying with the last ounce of gameness that was in him to throw the champion off.

When they started the second round the champion went after his man in a way that showed he meant business, but he found that he was against an adept in his line and one of the greatest wrestlers in the country. The speed with which they worked was remarkable. Both men weigh well over two hundred pounds.

The popularity of the game and the men, whose fame stretches from one coast to the other, was demonstrated by the enthusiasm manifested.


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