Lewis In Two Falls; Referee Ward Unpopular

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark – March 9, 1917

It was not only a disappointed but a rather angry crowd which objected at the Pickwick Hall when, during the second round of the wrestling contest between “Strangler” Lewis and Charley Cutler, he made the latter release a deadly and fatal arm lock on his opponent and return to the center of the ring, whereupon almost immediately Lewis secured the identical hold and was awarded the decision, having previously gained the first fall in 41 minutes with a terrific flying mare clinched and riveted to a full body fatality.

No one acquainted with Mr. Ward would for a moment doubt his integrity as a referee, but the large majority of the spectators firmly believe he went wrong in his decision, for they distinctly saw — and many heard — Lewis yield the fall, as he was clearly in peril of a broken arm.

It was truly a contest of giants, with both men in the 225 pound class and equally matched in strength. Cutler came to the platform with the reputation of having thrown Lewis, and many who witnessed his performance last night are still of the opinion that he is at least as good as the redoubtable “Strangler.”

While the match last night was of a very meritorious and exciting character it lacked the sensations and thrills of that of last week when Freberg wrestled Lewis.

The management announced that there would be no match until the great engagement between Dr. Roller and Americus at the Colonial Theatre on March 21, concerning which full particulars will appear in Sunday’s Virginian-Pilot. Tickets for this exhibition will be on sale next Monday noon.

The preliminary between House at 150 pounds and Mercer 145 pounds was a rattling good affair. Referee Futrell awarded the decision to Mercer.


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