Szabo, Dr. Wilson Battle To Yonkers Draw

New York World Telegram – November 20, 1931

Sandor Szabo, 203 pounds, of Hungary, and Dr. Ralph Wilson, 206, of Philadelphia, wrestled to a draw in the feature finish match at the Columbus Sports Club, Yonkers, before a crowd of 2,000 last night. The match was halted at the end of an hour of grappling by the New York State Athletic Commission’s 11 o’clock rule.

Szabo and Dr. Wilson waged a grueling battle, each alternating in gaining an advantage from time to time, but neither was able to assume a decided advantage.

In the semifinal, Sammy Stein, 200 pounds, Newark, threw Tony Catalino, 210, Italy, in 21:10 with a series of flying tackles. Other results:

Floyd Marshall, 217, California, and Renato Gardini, 200, Italy, wrestled to a draw, 45 minutes; Tommy Draak, 210, Holland, threw Gene Bruce, 205, Brooklyn, 13:10, with a crotch and body hold; George Calza, 216, Italy, threw Babe Caddock, 198, New Zealand, 12:45, with a crotch and body hold.

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