Stein Pins Stahl In 19:24 At Yonkers Club

New York World Telegram – December 11, 1931

Sammy Stein, Newark, threw Richard Stahl, Germany, in 19:24 of the feature finish match at the Columbus Sports Club in Yonkers last night. Stein used a series of flying tackles before he could pin his opponent. Stein weighed 200, Stahl 210.

In the semifinal finish match, Joe (Toots) Mondt, 229, Colorado, downed Norton Jackson, 205, New York, in 25:16. Mondt used an elbow punch to the head, stunning Jackson.

In the 45-minute bout between Dr. Ralph Wilson, 206, Philadelphia, and Ivan Vernyhora, 210, Russia, Ivan went through the ropes twice and the Doctor, using an arm lock to the head, brought the Russian back. Then both went through the ropes, Vernyhora pounding Wilson on the head with his fist. They rooled off the ring to the floor. Spectators grabbed Vernyhora, pulling him away from Wilson, who was flat on his back. Police intervened and prevented further disturbance when some of the crowd pushed Ivan back into the ring. Wilson won in 38:04.

In a 30-minute match, George Hagen, 210, U.S. Marines, threw Carl Vogel, 218, Germany, in 22:46.

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