Gotch Inspecting Minnesota Lands

Minneapolis Journal – September 3, 1913

CROOKSTON, Minn. — Frank Gotch, the wrestling champion, who has been inspecting his land in Roseau County and his 1,000-acre farm recently purchased in Polk County, has returned to Iowa to complete plans for developing his Polk County holdings into a model stock farm.

“I have seen the corn raised this year in northern Minnesota,” he said. “Much of it is practically ripe now. You have a corn country and with your abundance of oat straw this should be an ideal stock country. Do you know that the steers which brought the top price on the Chicago market last year were fattened on ensilage and oat straw, the latter being ideal to balance the ration?

“I believe I know two things pretty thoroughly, the wrestling game and farming, and I know and like farming best. Northern Minnesota has a great future as a stock country. I am so thoroughly convinced of it that I am going to try it. I will fence my land here, get some good stock, build silos and at the end of ten years the land at the most conservative estimate will increase in value $25 an acre. Last year I netted $33 an acre from an 800-acre farm which includes the old homestead in iowa. That was very good, and the most I have ever made. I keep lots of hogs, and will not make so much this year, as I have lost 400 from 600 from cholera. But the hogs are practically clear profit when we do raise them, as
they follow the stock and ‘pick up a living.’

“I see that northern Minnesota farmers are getting into stock. They want to get into it more. They should sell none of their coarse grain, but feed it. Why should they sell their oats and barley, and let some other fellow make the profit from feeding their grain? Minnesota offers great opportunities, because you can get just as much corn fodder to the acre as you can where lands seels for two and three times as much. In other words, you can make as much to the acre by turning off stock, on from one-half to one-third the investment. This is why Minnesota has a great stock future. Within the next few years you will see Iowa and Illinois stock raisers rushing for Minnesota land.”


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