Daddy Lipscomb Returns To Baltimore As Rassler

The Washington Afro-American – March 8, 1960


Gene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb, giant All-Pro tackle who has been outstanding with the World Champion Baltimore Colts for the past two years, returns to Baltimore in a new role next Monday night.

The 300-pound Baltimore favorite will team up with Don Joyce, 270-pound defensive end and veteran linebacker of the Colts, in opposing the Iron Russians, masked mystery men and mat madmen, in the best-of-three-fall tag team feature of Promoter Harry Smyth’s all star wrestling show of five matches at the Baltimore Coliseum.

* * *

JOYCE, AN aggressive veteran who has had considerable experience as a wrestling headliner, welcomes this opportunity of teaming up with his fellow football lineman in “Big Daddy’s” first appearance as a matman in Baltimore.

Don is convinced that Lipscomb not only will make the best possible use of his tremendous power, but also that he will refute the belief expressed by some who contend that “Big Daddy” is too good natured to stand up under the fury of some of wrestling’s bad men.

* * *

“LIPSCOMB IS wrestling because he needs the money, and he has already started mussing up some of the rough veterans elsewhere,” Joyce cites.  “He’s a wildcat when you get him mad, and that’ll apply on the mat, too.

“I was one of the ones who suggested that the big fellow try wrestling, and I’m welcoming him as a team-mate in his homecoming to Baltimore as a matman.  I am confident that he will give me aggressive support against those rough Russians.  Lipscomb is a top team man.”

* * *

THE RIOTOUS Russians are expected to center their aggressiveness around the more inexperienced “Big Daddy” in a bold bid to spoil his return to Baltimore.

However, the Lipscomb-Joyce combination will be ready to play it rough, and are confident that they will show advantageously before their Baltimore friends, and admirers.

Four other feature attractions will back up this tag team bout.

Chief Big Heart opposes Bob “Swede” Hanson; Arnold Skoland meets Pampero Firpo; Vic Christy takes on Louis Hernandez while Argentina Zuma engages Johnny Kace in other matches.


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