Indian Wrestlers Signed By Polaski

The Milwaukee Journal – March 26, 1937

Chief Sanooke, Navajo Indian heavyweight, and Sun Jennings, Osage from Oklahoma, have been paired by Promoter Paul Paloski for the semi-wind-up of the all-heavyweight wrestling show at the Auditorium next Friday night.  The bout will be one fall with a 10 o’clock limit.

Both Indians were students at Haskell institute.  Sanooke, making his first appearance in Milwaukee, will have almost a 100-pound weight advantage over Jennings.  He weighs 318 pounds to 230 for Jennings.

Everett Marshall, world heavyweight champion, and Hans Schnabel, German heavyweight who holds the European championship, will meet in the wind-up.  Schnabel has wrestled 15 times in the United States without losing a match and before coming to this country scored victories over Henri De Glane and Dan Koloff.

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