Gotch Defeats Zbyszko

The New York Times – June 2, 1910

Wins Match in Two Straight Falls, First in 6 ¼ seconds.

Chicago, June 1. – Frank Gotch of Humboldt, Iowa, to-night successfully defended his title as wrestling champion of the world by easily defeating Stanislaus Zbyszko, the Polish champion, in straight falls at the Coliseum.  Gotch outclassed his bulkier opponent in every department of the game, after winning the first fall in the phenomenal time of 6 ¼ seconds.  It was only a question of how long the Pole could hold out against the brilliant and varied attacks of his more skilled rival.

The immense crowd had hardly realized that the great match had started before Referee Dick Fleming slapped Gotch on the back and declared him the winner of the first fall.  The hold which sent the Pole down was a bar arm and half-Nelson.

The first fall was so short that there was little intermission before the men faced each other for the second time. Warned by his sudden downfall, Zbyszko was more cautious, and it took Gotch 27 minutes and 36 seconds to win the match with a bar arm and wrist lock.

At no time was Gotch in any danger, and when the Pole would secure any advantage Gotch would quickly  break his hold and jump to his feet.  Gotch would forestall his opponent at every turn, and it was worse than hopeless for the Pole to attempt to assume the aggressive.


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