Dean Detton, Ex-Mat King, Hangs Self

San Francisco Chronicle – February 24, 1958

The body of Dean Henry Detton, 49, former Utah football star who won the world professional wrestling title in the late ’30s, was found hanged yesterday in the backroom of the Turf Club, a tavern he operated at 517 Castro Street, Hayward.

The body, hanged by a rope, was found by his wife, Maline, and his son, Dean Jr., at about 8:20 a.m. There were no notes.

Police said Detton apparently fitted the noose around his neck and kicked a stool away. He lived with his family at 102 Prospect street, Hayward.

It was Detton’s second attempt at suicide. Two months ago he threw himself at a moving train but was only slightly injured. Mrs. Detton said he talked frequently of “ending it all” because business was poor.

Detton won the wrestling title from Bronko Nagurski, International Falls, Minn., former All-America footballer at Minnesota. Detton held the title for several years.


One response to “Dean Detton, Ex-Mat King, Hangs Self

  1. Back in the days when suicides were reported in the paper. Loving the site man, keep up the good work.rl

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