Clever Exhibition

The Examiner – August 20, 1928

Miller And Tom Alley


Saturday night at the Stadium Walter Miller, world middleweight wrestling champion, proved that his form against Hugh Nicholls in Sydney was wrong.  He opposed the big Mormon wrestler, Tom Alley, who had also trained down lighter. The weights were:-Alley, 12.10; Miller, 12.1 1/2.  Mr. C. Honroth refereed a fast and spectacular bout, which ended in the seventh round.

Miller was awarded the first fall in the third round.  In the fifth session, Miller, however, submitted to a powerful body scissors and toe hold, but he gained the supremacy in the seventh term.  Miller had Alley trussed up with a straight splits, from which there was no possible escape.  The wrestlers were continually applauded for clever and scientific work.

Miller left for Melbourne to-day, Alley will also enter the light heavyweight tournament.


2 responses to “Clever Exhibition

  1. What were the weights of these men in pounds?

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