“Unknown” Wrestler

The Albany Advertiser – January 26, 1929

Draws With Henry Irslinger

PERTH, Jan. 26. – Short and squat, with rolls of fat around his waist and upon his back, the “mysterious stranger” entered the ring at the Subiaco Oval last night, and faced the light heavyweight champion of the British Empire, Henry Irslinger.

The newcomer was clad in green shorts, and on his head was a close fitting black mask that enveloped the face and neck.

Then for six three minute rounds the unknown proceeded to demonstrate to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 3000 that he was a first class wrestler, and, defying all laws of nature – for he was pitiably fat – he worked with cat-like speed and wrestled his wily opponent grip for grip.

Both men gained a fall during six rounds of colorful wrestling, and at the finish the referee announced his points decision of a draw, a verdict that considerably annoyed the stranger, and well it might, for clearly he outwrestled Irslinger.

Furthermore, the unknown man showed an aptitude for punching and rough work, and against another rough man it is easy to conceive the mix-up that would follow.

The “Unknown” clearly demonstrated he was a good grappler, and therefore he will retain the £50 deposit that was to be forfeited by him should he prove otherwise.

His identity still remains a mystery, although he is said to be one of the great wrestlers, and was in the Eastern States last season.  Apparently he is a foreigner.  He is a great worker on the legs, and his style is difficult to that of other men seen here.


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