Great Togo Wins National Guard Grapple Feature

St. Petersburg Times – May 22, 1952

The Great Togo displayed his Oriental grappling talent last night to grab the first two falls and whip Red Vagonne in the main event of the National Guard sponsored main wrestling event at Gable Armory.

The bout brought the crowd to near-riot pitch with spectators demanding the scalp of the Far East wrestling specialist.  Togo appeared quite at ease, however, and put his opponent away with his famed sleeper hold.  When the bout was over it was necessary for police to escort Togo to the dressing room while holding away the crowd.

Mike Clancy won the semifinal event over Joe Ludlum by taking the first and third falls.  Clancy won the first with a body slam and press in 26 minutes, then lost the second when he was downed by a reverse full nelson in eight minutes.  He quickly retaliated and chalked up the final go with a log lock.

Paddy Mack, long a favorite here, and Herbie Stein battled to a 30-minute draw in the opening match.  It appeared Mack had the upper hand all the way.


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