Daniel Boone Out Of Retirement

Ocala Star-Banner – December 18, 1957
By Norm Froscher

Our Christmas mail yesterday included, believe it or not, an epistle from Leo Daniel Boone (Whiskers) Savage, who felt moved to communicate from Houston, Tex.

Mr. Boone or Savage, if you prefer, is a retired wrestler.  That is to say he was a retired wrestler.

He owns a fruit and gift stand on highway 301 at Anthony, and only recently saw fit to journey to Houston to appear in a huge benefit wrestling card sponsored by the Houston Chronicle’s Goodfellows Fund.

And according to the Chronicle, ole Leo figured to pack ‘em in that city’s coliseum for the benefit.

Now a full fledged resident of Anthony, we first heard about Savage from Hal Davis, a local wrestling fan who used to follow Boone’s exploits when the latter pranced into battle complete with lanterns, coon dogs, and a pet rooster or two.

The lanterns, supposedly, were because he distrusted city lighting systems, the dogs because he liked their company and the roosters because he never knew when to expect company.

Houston writers estimate that he single handedly drew 250,000 fans to the city auditorium in a year – back when he was beating the likes of Strangler Lewis, Orville Brown, Ray Steele, Ted King King Cox and others every week, before TV wrestling made a complete farce of the activity.

This guy Savage is quite a fellow.


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