Dan Koloff Wins From Steinburn

The Spokesman-Review – August 8, 1925

Takes Two Straight Falls In Match With Strong Man At Fort.

Superior skill and speed, combined with greater experience enabled Dan Koloff to throw Henry Steinburn, in successive falls at the Fort Wright open at arena last night.  The match was a good exhibition of strength on the part of Steinburn, but the husky weight lifter did not have the tricks of the wrestling game in stock well enough to cope with Koloff, who got the jump on him and stayed on top throughout most of the bout.

Time and again Steinburn got out of punishing headlocks by lifting Koloff bodily from the floor and tossing him against the ropes, but his own efforts exhausted him until he succumbed to a headlock and body scissors in 33 minutes for the first fall.  The second was almost a repetition of the first, with Koloff on the offensive, gradually weakening his man with a succession of tow holds, headlocks and wrist holds, until the end came after 24 minutes of grappling with a head scissors and wristlock.

Steinburn won applause from the crowd by his gameness and his feats of strength in tossing Koloff away from him to break the head holds.

Dan Truax took two out of three falls from Howard Garrison in the only preliminary on the card.  The men are 140-pounders.  Another bout between Mel Porter and Johnny Miller was called off when a short circuit caused the arena lights to go out and delayed the start of the main bout 30 minutes  John Miller was third man in the ring.  A crowd of about 200 attended the show.


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