Strongberg Is Winner, But He Draws The Boos

Davenport Democrat & Leader – April 4, 1941
By Forrest Kilmer

Despite his victory over Tiger Siki in the windup of the wrestling card at the Eagles Thursday night, the boos of 400 fans followed Rudy Strongberg to the dressing rooms as the cash customers yelled their disapproval at his tactics in the ring.

Strongberg, the muscle man of the mat game, won in two straight falls, but repeatedly he brought the patrons screaming to their feet with roughhouse wrestling.

The main go was a slap-slap affair with Strongberg doing most of the slapping and Siki, a Negro grappler, doing most of the receiving. Strongberg softened his opponent up with terrific body slams and then applied a half body slam to win the first fall in 27 minutes, 27 seconds.

Sensing the patrons were eager to get home before the clock tolled midnight, the grapplers wasted little time when they returned to the ring. Again employing a series of body slams, Strongberg pinned Siki for the decisive fall in three minutes.

The grudge battle (no one seemed to know what the grudge was about) between Henry Kolln, the Muscatine warrior, and the Masked Phantom was tame. Certainly the Phantom wasn’t mad at anyone. Kolln used an arm crusher after 14 minutes of sprawling around the ring to win the one-fall decision.

Hans Steinke, husky German grappler, and Steve Savage of Omaha failed to reach a decision in 30 minutes of assorted grunts and holds. Steinke, usually a clean, scientific grappler, brought the wrath of the crowd down on him from the start with his dirty blows, but Savage had the will and stamina to fight his larger opponent to a standstill.

Jack Wagner, Philadelphia, subbing for Jack Reeder, used a body press to throw Hans Bauer of Chicago in 14 minutes of the opening match.


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