Rock Island Mat Program Attracts 600

Davenport IA Leader – February 2, 1941

With 600 cash customers howling their approval, Maurice Tillet, the grotesque Frenchman known as “The Angel,” threw Hans Steinke, Los Angeles, in 18 minutes of their scheduled 90-minute match Friday night at the Rock Island Armory.

The match was tame in comparison to the semi-windup in which Ole Olson, giant Swede, used a leg slam and body pin to subdue Tom Casey in 20 – minutes.

Tillet, who is concluding a successful tour through the United States, was close to defeat in his match with Steinke. The German grappler clamped a toe hold on Tillet and it looked like curtains until the squat Frenchman worked his way to the ropes.

A knee lock turned the trick for the Angel.

Joe Esposito, who claims the Italian championship, employed a body slam to dispose of Charles Manoogian, Turkish grappler, in the opener in 22 minutes.

Frank Judson, ex-Harvard University mat mentor, and Albert “Lord” Mills fought to a 30-minute draw which saw both men on the verge of collapse several times.

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