Marsh To Meet Tough Foe In Mat Program

Davenport Democrat & Leader – November 27, 1946

Tiger Joe Marsh, who practically exterminated Nick Waynes of Detroit on last week’s wrestling show, will run up against a much tougher foe in his headline bout Thursday night at the Labor Temple, 2100 Third Avenue, Rock Island.

This week Marsh will tangle with the popular and capable Curtis Nack of Sheboygan, Wis., a 240-pound matman who has a long line of victories to his credit.

Nack’s Rock Island performances in the past include a victory over Nick Elitch, the Chicago policeman who butts, gouges and uses other unorthodox tactics. The Sheboygan grappler also put away Jerome Mosberg at the Temple this fall, handling the University of Chicago matman with little difficulty.

The Sheboygan wrestler, called the “Wisconsin Powerhouse” by his press agent, is a big and rugged grappler, standing an inch over six feet and having what are claimed to be the widest shoulders in the mat game. He is an orthodox matman, depending largely on his strength and knowledge if opponents go in for slugging.

Marsh is also a skillful grappler, having been a mat instructor in the Navy, but the Chicago Serb also uses numerous tricks that aren’t in the book. In size he is evenly matched with Nack, weighing 235 pounds to Nack’s 240.

The Nack-Marsh bout, as well as the other half of the double feature, will be for two out of three falls, with a 60-minute time limit, while the bout between Harold Starr and Stanley Karolyi will be for one fall, with a 30-minute limit.

The other feature go will bring together Wladek Zbyszko, 238-pound member of the famous wrestling Zbyszkos of Poland, and Alex Kaffner, the “Black Panther,” 212-pound Kansas City, Mo., colored grappler. Kaffner will pit his speed and youth against the experience and tremendous strength of Zbyszko.


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