‘Angel’ Wins From Turkish Champ Easily

Davenport Democrat & Leader – December 31, 1940
By Neuman Kerndt

Maurice Tillet, alias “The Angel,” continued on his unbeaten parade of the U.S. by disposing of one Charlie Manoogian, billed as the Turkish title holder (there were no other Turks to dispute his title among the 1,000 who crowded into the Grand Theater Monday night).

Most of the Davenporters came to see for themselves how ugly and strong “The Angel” was. They were not disappointed. In real life the grotesque Frenchman is even more horrible to behold than in pictures. He resembles a gargoyle from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in his native Paris.

Wrestling ability? Maybe. He’s powerful. When he lowers that anvil-like nose and jutting chin that resembles a snow plow, wraps those tremendous arms around a foe, he probably exerts enough pressure to stop the ordinary individual. He disposed of the Turk, whose bald head looked like a croquet ball in contrast to Maurice’s massive skull, in five minutes in the first fall and three minutes in the second.

“The Angel” merely squeezed the breath out of the portly gent, tossed him to the mat and fell on him. When an individual is out of breath he is in no mood to move 275 pounds of flesh.

The Turk tried tripping up the brute and working on his heels, operating the Achilles theory, but the Frenchman was a bit too agile for that.

Six other assorted wrestlers entertained the crowd in the usual wrestling tricks. Ole Olsen, who labored 40 minutes to dispose of one Cowboy Red Ryan, a clown in the bout, was the most versatile of the entertainers.

Joe Esposito managed to endure Pete Baltran’s sly maneuvers for 30 minutes to earn a draw, and Frank Judson, billed as an ex-coach of Harvard, tossed Hans Bauer, a pug-ugly who apparently was not a college man, in 16 minutes.

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