‘Little’ Guy Off Mat Bill

Tacoma News Tribune – October 1, 1958

If the right “little man” came along, promoter Cliff (Swede) Olson wouldn’t mind presenting wrestlers of lightheavyweight or even middleweight poundage on his weekly professional mat cards at the Tacoma Armory.

For the moment, however, Olson is concentrating on junior heavyweight (up to 205 pounds) and heavyweight grapplers.

Which is why Jess Venegas, a highly recommended Mexican matman, checked in yesterday and was found to weigh only 160 pounds. Olson was compelled to remove him from Friday’s card as a prospective foe for Don (Big Ox) Anderson, a Granger, Utah, resident who tips the beam at a cool 240.

The Swede related the incident as a joke on himself, although it probably wasn’t so funny to Venegas, who had traveled all the way from Houston, Texas, when informed “little” wrestlers, because of their agility, were in demand up this way. He didn’t know that by “little” they meant musclemen between 190 and 210 pounds.

Olson will present a triple main event Friday, with “Wild Red” Berry of Pittsburg, Kan., and Bill Wright of Minneapolis in the windup fracas, and Leo Wallick, Hollywood, clashing with Nelson Royal, Columbus, Ohio, in the second mix.

Cal Roberts, a capable performer from Vancouver, B.C., will tackle Anderson as a replacement for Venegas.

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