There’s Mist In Lou Daro’s Eyes

Los Angeles Herald – February 9, 1938

Lou Daro’s eyes will be misty tonight when Dan Tobey, veteran announcer, calls the main event principals to the center of the ring.

The first star of his first wrestling show in Los Angeles returns to the fold when Jimmy Londos, the international heavyweight champion, comes to grips with Sandor Szabo, the Hungarian Adonis, who holds the California state title belt.

Fifteen years ago “Carnation Lou” made his debut as a promoter in this city. Jimmy Londos was his featured performer. Both men have come a long way since that time. Londos is rated a millionaire today.

Lou Daro is now rated the biggest figure in wrestling promotion despite his repeated statements that he has retired.

For the first time in 15 months Lou will be on hand to take in a wrestling show. Illness has prevented him from taking in the excitement but he cannot resist coming out to see Londos, his favorite wrestler.

Londos has not shown here since 1935. Since that time the Gorgeous Greek has toured the old Continent and far away places like Egypt and South Africa.

Londos returns appearing much the same as he did years ago. A great athlete, the Greek is a slave to his body. He trains every day of his life.

Londos has the recognition as international champion from France, Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, Egypt, South Africa and Central Africa. The Greek refuses to recognize Bronko Nagurski as a world champion. He says Nagurski is but an American champion.

Szabo, the opponent of Londos, calls himself a “man of destiny.” He is at the top of his form right now and openly boasts that he will heave Jimmy right into front-row seats and out of the mat game.

Last week Szabo polished off the Monster Man, Ivan Rasputin. The week before he used his “death swing” to beat “Gentleman George” Zaharias.

Don McDonald will referee the feature. He was third man in Londos’ first match in California.

In the supporting card George Zaharias faces Frank Malcewicz, the Utica Bad Boy, in a rough-house championship affair at one fall to a finish as the semi-windup.

El Pulpo, the octopus-hold exponent, meets Nick Lutze. Killa Shikuma, Japanese star, faces Abe Yourist, a Russian grappler.

Ranjit, the Hinda snake charmer, tangles with Bull Martin, the Boston Bully.

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