Rocca, Great Togo Both Disqualified

The Gazette, Montreal – June 20, 1957

Argentina Rocca’s return to local matdom was spoiled last night when The Great Togo’s insistence to mix it up on the ring apron instead of inside the ropes brought a disqualification for both wrestlers.

The match was the second half of a double main event at the Forum.  The Great Togo took the first fall at 9:22 and Rocca evened the count with a backbreaker at 7:23 before they were disqualified at 2:54.

Edouard Carpentier, recent winner of the NWA world’s title, captured the first main event bout by beating Tosh Togo at 4:24.  The match was limited to the single fall because both participants lost one fall at 11:03 for calling upon assistance from other grapplers.  The Great Togo had clammered into the ring to help his hapless brother and Andre Bollet had followed to assist Carpentier.

Don Eagle copped the semi-windup from Don Miller at 12:52.  Other matches saw Manuel Cortez and Maurice Vachon draw and Paul Baillargeon defeat Gypsy Joe.


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