Melby Defeats Tarzan Zimba In Mat Show

Idaho State Journal – October 2, 1954

Handsome Bill Melby dropped Tarzan Zimba with a body press for the third fall Friday night to win the evening’s feature match in promoter E.R. Reynolds’ first wrestling show of the season.

Melby copped the first fall in his match with Zimba with a jackknife with 10 minutes gone. But Zimba came back with his patented “Over the World Throw” to win the second. Zimba was applying the same hold when Melby escaped and pinned Zimba to take the match.

In the other half of the double main event, Treach Phillips took two out of three falls from Chale Martinez to grab an upset win. Phillips appeared on the card after substituting for Mel Peters, and he surprised Martinez with an attack that ended with a fall-winning body press after 12 minutes. Martinez came back with a surfboard to win the second fall, but Phillips used a backbreaker to gain the third and deciding fall.

In the curtain raiser, Steve Anetri and Dave Reynolds grappled for 20 minutes with neither wrestler winning a fall. Then each applied a cross leg lock on the other and became unable to free themselves. After five spectators and referee Skip McGuire tried in vain to pull them apart, Tarzan Zimba freed them. Both wrestlers were helped from the ring and the match was called a draw.

About 200 fans were in attendance.

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