Mat Decision To McClarity

Des Moines Register – September 30, 1954

Roy McClarity, who wrestled Verne Gagne to a draw here a week ago, had things easy Wednesday night as he defeated Art Neilson before an estimated 2,000 spectators at KRNT Theater.

McClarity took the opening fall on a reverse leg scissors. Neilson squared things in the second fall with a knee stomp and a body press.

Throughout the final fall, Neilson kept the fans booing with his body slams and headlocks. However, McClarity regained his poise and used his sleeper hold to win the match.

Two comical midgets, Pee Wee James and Tiny Tim, delighted the fans as they won their two-out-of-three fall match with Sky Low Low and Otto Bowman. James beat Low in an earlier event to gain the first fall for the winners.

Sky Low Low came back in the second and put a body press on Tiny Tim to even the match. James finished the affair with a body slam and press on Bowman.

In another affair, Yukon Eric was declared winner over Danny Ferrazzo. Eric won with a bear hug.

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