Londos Victor Over Szabo In Duel On Mat

Los Angeles Times – February 10, 1938

Jimmy Londos, self-styled international mat champion, last night defeated Sandor Szabo in straight falls in the main wrestling event at the Olympic Auditorium.

The first fall was a marathon affair and lasted one hour and three seconds. Londos finally annexed the pinning with a double leg and back breaker.

Sandor was hurt by the fall and Dr. Lloyd Mace, after an examination, okayed him to return to the battle. Sandor came out for the second fall but was easy prey for the veteran Londos, who pinned him in ten seconds when Sandor folded on the canvas.

The celebrated and feared face lock of George Zaharias had its showing in the semi-windup when the Greek from Cripple Creek, Colo., made mincemeat out of Frank Malcewicz. Zaharias slugged his seemingly helpless foe all around the ring and then applied his brutal hold to put Malcewicz away in 5m 42s.

Mexico’s El Pulpo, the octopus man, and Nick Lutze, Venice lifeguard, battled through twenty hectic minutes to a draw. Lutze nearly had his Latin foe on the canvas in the final minutes, but the time-limit bell saved El Pulpo from any such embarrassment.

Nick Campofreda used a series of flying tackles to dispose of Baron Ginsberg in 6m. 3s. In the fourth match Killa Shikuma, barefoot Japanese wrestler, tossed Abe Yourist a Japanese sleeping powder in 6m. 16s. The hold was a form of ju-jitsu.

The Hindu, Ranjit, proved the master over Bull Martin in 11m. 1s. with a vicious body slam. Sammy Menacher employed an airplane spin to pin Leo Papiano in 5m. 6s. In the opener, Danny Dusek defeated Joe Tonti in 9m. 32s. with a giant swing.

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