Rocca Tosses Schmidt In Wrestling Feature

Kingston, N.Y., Daily Freeman – September 29, 1954

Antonino Rocca, 227, the barefoot boy from the Argentine, won two falls from Hans Schmidt, 251, the Man Man from Munich, in the professional wrestling exhibition last night at the municipal auditorium.

A large crowd saw the man with the educated feet rally for victory after Schmidt copped the first fall with a body slam and press at 13:27.

Rocca scored the equalizer at 6:18 with his famed back-breaker and was awarded the decision when Schmidt was disqualified for excessive rough tactics at 8:10 of the third fall.

The match between the TV titans was rough and lively and was interrupted once while referee Joe Vozdik cleared the ring of some flash bulbs tossed in by overenthusiastic patrons.

Mr. America (Steve Stanlee, brother of the better known Gene Stanlee) copped the semi-final in two straight falls over Abe Zvonkin, 239, of Hamilton, Ontario.

Zvonkin was disqualified at 10:15 of the first fall for unnecessary roughness. Stanlee, who hails from New York City, terminated the wild match at 25:32 for the wrapup with a spin slam and press.

Jackie Nichols, 218, Richmond, Maine, won the 30-minute curtain raiser from Harry Lewis, New York, with a drop kick and headlock in 21 minutes.

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