Louis Gains Win In Third

Omaha World – September 28, 1954

Joe Louis, 40, Monday night returned to the ring in the City Auditorium to toss a little leather.

He was matched against rassler Art Nielsen, who also wore boxing gloves for the scheduled six-round exhibition.

The rounds were to be two minutes. Sam Vacanti of the State Boxing Commission reminded time Clink Claire before the bout.

Louis was declared the winner in 1:27 of the third round.

Nielsen, who had hit the canvas in the third following a sharp Louis right, was disqualified because one of his rassling cohorts, Reggie Lisowski, jumped into the ring to choose Joe. Lisowski was Nielsen’s “second.”

Joe promptly walloped Reggie, too.

Louis, still a lot of fighter though a trifle flabby at the midriff, wasn’t able to show his boxing ability. He was mauled too much by Nielsen’s rassling tactics.

However, he did get off a few whistling lefts to Nielsen’s mid-section.

Louis – who once fought before a single crowd of 70,043 in Yankee Stadium during his brilliant championship career – performed before a paid house of 3,492 this time.

Ernie Dusek, who will return to Canada for a bout before hurrying back for Nebraska’s duck-hunting opener October 8, drew in 30 minutes with Mike DiBiase. Other rassling results:

Yukon Eric defeated Reggie Lisowski in 4:15.

Bob Orton defeated Dave Simms: 12:15 first fall, 12:00 second fall.

Dick Dusek drew with Roberto Pico in 15 minutes.

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