John Valentine Turns Traitor In Team Match

Houston Chronicle – June 12, 1954

Johnny Valentine turned traitor in the eight-man tag match Friday night at City Auditorium, helping his opponents pin Larry Chene for the final loss.

The winning quartet was composed of Danny McShane, Bull Curry, Don Evans and Bill McDaniels. The losers were Ray Gunkel, Rito Romero, Chene and Valentine.

Valentine set Chene up and then helped McShane and McDaniels pin him.

The Texas state title changed hands in another feature attraction that saw Gentleman Ed Francis use a drop kick to win the third fall from Enrique Guzman.

Al Ventres, Francis’ manager, drew the ire of the fans when they thought he pulled the top rope as Guzman flying into it for a drop kick. With no rope there to hit, Guzman sailed onto the floor. When he got back into the ring, Francis won with a drop kick.

In other matches, McShane was awarded a decision over Chene in an extra five-minute period. Curry and Romero fought to a draw. Don Evans was disqualified against Gunkel and Valentine whipped McDaniels.

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