Gagne Keeps His Title; Foe Is Hurt

Sioux City Journal – September 1, 1954

Verne Gagne again defended his United States wrestling title successfully Tuesday night when his opponent, Roy McClarity, was unable to continue because of a shoulder injury.

The title match was staged as a George Parnassus promotion at Soos baseball park. A crowd said to exceed 6,500 watched the action.

The decision came after each man had won a fall. McClarity, in being flung out of the ring by Gagne for the second fall, struck his shoulder on the edge of the ring. He did not make it into the ring during the three-minute intermission, nor in a five-minute extension generously offered by Gagne.

The two popular clean-type grapplers made a hit with the crowd with a fast and furious exhibition of legitimate holds and breaks. It took 24 minutes, 46 seconds of action before the first fall went to the Canadian flash. McClarity, who was able to slip out of Gagne’s sleeper hold, applied his own version to the champ and took the fall.

A body block and shoulder toss by Gagne threw Roy out of the ring after 42:01 total elapsed time. Gagne won that fall, and when McClarity was not able to continue, the bout went to Verne.

In the semiwindup the brutish Hans Hermann of Boston was shcoked into a one-minute, 33-second defeat at the hands of Ronnie Etchison of St. Joseph, Mo. After using illegal tactics on Ronnie, Hans found himself slammed so hard the ringposts shook.

Joe Dusek and Larry Hamilton grunted to a 20-minute draw in another bout and Mike DiBiase finished Gentleman Jim Dobie with a body block and a shoulder toss in 17:20 of the opener.

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