Blassie Takes Wrestling Title Before 13,200

Los Angeles Times – June 13, 1961
By John De La Vega

Blond Freddie Blassie won the world’s wrestling title (honest!) at the Sports Arena Monday night by putting France’s Edouard Carpentier out of commission, and the howling mob of 13,200 wanted to crown him personally.

The gross gate of $40,169 set an indoor record for Southland wrestling matches.

The bad actor from Atlanta climaxed a night of “crime” when he flipped the champion hard against the ropes just when it looked as if Carpentier would win.

Carpentier bounced off the top strand and landed on his right knee. As he writhed in pain on the canvas, unable to regain his feet, referee Mike Ruby gave Blassie the fall. The time was 10:20.

Actually, that only evened the match at a fall apiece, but when Carpentier was unable to continue, Dr. Robert Richards was called in. He diagnosed the injury as a badly sprained knee with a possible fracture, so Blassie was declared the winner.

Carpentier had won the first fall in 20:24.

Blassie started out using his infamous neckbreaker which naturally infuriated the fans. Carpentier’s face was beginning to match his sky-blue eyes.

Just when it appeared the champ would pop a blood vessel, he became a whirling dervish. He unleashed a series of body slams, followed with a reverse leg drop and applied a spectacular alligator crab for the fall.

Starting the second fall, Carpentier, who had not lost a match in seven years, went into his famed repertoire of 1,000 clean holds. Several times he had the groaning Blassie on the verge of giving up. Each time, however, he extricated himself with those choke holds.

Just before the finish, Blassie was in trouble after Carpentier spun him to the canvas, did several flips and landed on him. But Edouard allowed Blassie to grab his arm, which led to the back flip that ended the proceedings.

Preliminary results: Lou Thesz def. Cowboy Dick Hutton; Count Billy Varga def. Wild Red Berry; Big Daddy Lipscomb won on disqualification over Hans Hermann; Ricki Starr def. Don Duffy; Zebra Kid vs. Gene LeBell, both disqualified; Torres brothers, Alberto and Ramon, drew with Mr. Moto and Mike Sharpe, tag team; Reggie Parks drew with Stan Holek; Lord Blears drew with Sam Steamboat.

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  1. To Stan Holek….Martin Vitek says Hello! From Chatham ontario.

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