Soldat Bests Kiser Tandem

The Oregonian – January 30, 1951

Black-bearded Soldat Gorky defeated the Kiser brothers combo in the feature match of promoter Don Owen’s wrestling program at the Labor Temple Monday night.

The Siberian wolfhunter battled on even terms with both Jack and young Dale for 20 grueling minutes. Then the unpopular Gorky employed a backbreaker to pin Dale in what proved to be the only and deciding fall of the 30-minute bout.

The Kiser tandem worked feverishly in the final ten minutes to wear down Gorky but the Siberian managed to go the distance.

In the semiwindup, Frank Stojack unfurled a giant swing to win over Buck Davidson. Andy Tremaine, recognized as the world lightheavyweight mat king, pummeled Luigi Macera of Quebec with a pair of shoulder butts and a half crab in the special event. Sugi Hayamaka and Cowboy Carlson grappled to a no-fall draw in a fast-stepping opener that drew a standing ovation from the crowd.


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