Jones Victor In Mat Match

The Oregonian – January 27, 1951

Rufus Jones, the hard-headed Negro from Birmingham, won the first and third falls of his match with Scandinavian Eric Pedersen in the main event of the wrestling card at the Portland Armory Friday night.

After winning the first fall with a head butt and crab hold, Jones was defeated in the second when Pedersen downed him with a series of flying drop kicks and then jumped into the air, pinning Jones as he lit.

Pedersen’s drop kicks knocked Jones out of the ring after action resumed and the Scandinavian vaulted the ropes and grappled Jones among the spectators. Pedersen, back in the ring, brought Jones over the ropes with a flying headlock but Jones retreated outside the hemp again. When Pedersen charged he was met with a head butt which knocked him down. Jones dove onto the mat and three more head butts finished Pedersen.

George Dusette defeated Gordon Hessel with a full nelson after 28 minutes of the semifinal attraction. Lou Macera and Glen Detton used speed and science to draw in a 20-minute match. In the opener Tony Verdi downed Danny O’Rourke with an octopus leg hold.

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