Ali Baba In Mat Triumph

Los Angeles Times – June 23, 1938
By Jack Singer

Just what effect it is likely to have on the national debt, the European crisis and the 1940 presidential election is not yet apparent but a rassler actually knocked himself out by landing on his head last night.

This was the most startling scientific development at Prof. Daro’s House of Horrors as Ivan Rasputin, the pet of Petrograd, lit on his head, or crazybone, and suffered a concussion, or something, mostly something, in his two out of three falls tickler with Ali Baba, the Arabian Nightmare.

As a result of this injury, which parted Ivan’s hair right in the middle, Ali, the hop scotch and rassling champion of Turkey, was returned the winner in straight falls over evil-eye Rasputin, running on the Progressive, or Svengali, ticket.

The match was but 20m. 18s. old when Rasputin, who is so hairy that someone must have dropped a bottle of hair tonic on him when he was a baby, applied a full nelson. This hold, of course, is censured by the Hays office of Turkey and Ali Baba, as slippery as an eel, or heel, flipped the bearded Russian over on his konk, or head.

Ivan lay very still in mid-ring and it is a good thing that an officer was not on duty because he was parked at least three feet from the curb. Referee Art Shires, who modestly calls himself “Whattaman,” called time, or crime, out and summoned the house medico, Dr. Lloyd Mace. Feeling Ivan’s pulse, which was going forty-five miles per hour in a twenty-five-mile zone, the good Doctor permitted Rasputin to come out for the second fall against his better judgment.

The Russian was in so much of a fog as he answered the bell for the second fall that he really required a couple of fog lights. Calling to Allah, and Jack Daro, it was simple for Ali to slam Razzputin to the canvas for the grunt finale in just 48s. flat, which is how Ivan felt when he came to in the dressing room.

The other disasters, reading from left to right, were: Gus Sonnenberg pinned Dr. Fred Meyer in 5m. 10s. with a flying tackle, Man Mountain Dean squashed Jack Donovan in 4m. 27s. with a backward body drop, King Kong Kashey and Nick Lutze grimaced to a 30m. draw, Tom Mahoney flattened Baron Ginsberg in 7m. 33s. with a flying tackle, Sandor Szabo disposed of Big Ben Morgan in 9m. 53s. with a giant swing, Chief Little Wolf used an arm pull to vanquish Stanley Mayslack in 3m. 3s., and Raoul Lopez pinned Ed Krummel in 8m. 25s. with a body slam.

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