Thesz’s Aerial Maneuvers Whip Eakins

Chicago Tribune – January 8, 1956

Lou Thesz, world heavyweight wrestling champion, and Ike Eakins spent half of their Marigold Arena match being propelled thru the air by one another last night. When they came down, Eakins was on the bottom the two decisive times.

Thesz won the battle of drop kicks, flying tackles, airplane spins, and flying scissors in straight falls. The times were 8:08 and 6:36, and the clinching holds a flying scissors and an airplane spin preceding the final body presses. Other results:

Angelo Poffo beat Lou Papineau, Johnny Gilbert beat Billy Crist, Jim Hady and Billy Goelz drew, Tony Ross and Zack Malkov beat Mitch Lassen and Wally Steele, and Red O’Shocker beat Mike Sipich.

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