Thesz Defeats ‘Horrible Hun’

Las Vegas Review-Journal – August 28, 1962

Lou Thesz held a win over Hans Hermann today but the “Horrible Hun” could still boast that the former world champion has yet to put him on his back.

Monday night Thesz was awarded the first fall when Hermann failed to break a choke hold and captured the second of the three-fall event when the Hun couldn’t make it back into the ring after being tossed out. The match was the main event of the weekly SEMP Inc.-promoted wrestling show at Cashman Field.

The results:

MAIN EVENT – Lou Thesz defeated Hans Hermann (straight falls)

SEMI-MAIN – Ty Colt-Dick Garza defeated Sir Alan Garfield-Art Michalik (two falls to one)

PRELIMINARY – Ted Christy and Danny O’Rourke battled to a 20-minute draw

PRELIMINARY – Friar Tuck defeated Tito Marshall (one fall)

PRELIMINARY – Dick Garza and Art Michalik battled to a 20-minute draw


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