Marshall Beats Thesz In Mat Go

Rocky Mountain News – September 13, 1938
By Abe Pollock

Everett Marshall of La Junta won two out of three falls last night at Mammoth Gardens to defeat Louis Thesz, St. Louis, in the main event of a bruising wrestling show.

Marshall, who entered the ring weighing 218, annexed the first fall from the 222-pound Missourian in 23 minutes with a body slam.

Thesz came back to win the second fall in 14 minutes and 30 seconds with a body hold.

After nine minutes and 34 seconds, the La Junta grappler took the deciding fall with his favorite airplane spin, whirling Thesz above his head and then slamming him to the mat.

Thirty-five hundred spectators witnessed the card. The main go was a rough, tough affair all the way, with both wrestlers being thrown from the ring at least a half dozen times.

In other bouts, Lee Wykoff, 225, defeated John Grandovich, 245, in 24:50 with a toe hold; Ray Eckert, 211, threw Dutch Wayman, 210, in 14 minutes, and Dorv Roche, 220, tossed Pat McClary, 276, in 23:45.

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