Lou Thesz Wins In Coliseum Test

The Spokesman-Review – May 11, 1956

Lou Thesz, former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, took two out of three falls to win his match with Adrian Baillargeon last night at the Coliseum.

A crowd estimated at 2,500 watched Thesz take the first fall at 16:17 on a rolling arm scissors. Baillargeon came through with a full nelson to snatch the second fall but Thesz wasted no time on the third, reverse body-pressing the Canadian in 1:37.

The Donovan brothers defeated Cal Roberts and Tony Borne in the night’s tag team match. Roberts and Borne managed to take the second fall but Doug Donovan’s “surfboard” hold on Roberts finished things at 4:07 of the third.

Moe Smith and Treach Phillips drew in the opener; Elmer Davis defeated DeVince Carty in the second bout, and Jerry Gordetski beat Leon Kirilenko on a disqualification in the semifinal.


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