Lopez Outslugs Koverly In Mat Show

Washington Post – June 5, 1936
By George Considine

Thirty-five hundred spectators sat by the light of the silvery moon last night at Griffith Stadium to witness Vincent Lopez, so-called world wrestling champion, taming villainous George Koverly in one of the wildest slugging exhibitions on record.

The orgy, the shortest feature match in memory, went 14 minutes and was climaxed when Lopez whirled his adversary into the ropes and caught him on the rebound with a crushing right uppercut. Koverly was unconscious for ten minutes and had to be carried to the locker room.

Always cast in the role of a villain, Koverly took such a beating from the mountainous Mexican that he won the sympathy of the crowd for the first time in his local career. But then that was natural because he spent so much time out of the ring that he became chummy with the ringsiders.

Time and time again, Maj. Brown’s minions raced to the ringside to save Koverly from injury after being zoomed through the ropes by Virile Vincent. On one occasion both men were slugging away at each other a good 15 feet from the mat.

Only in the opening second did Koverly have any fun. He wobbled from his corner, snarled a bit and clamped on his favorite strangle. Lopez, wrought up over such an outrage, swung from the floor and Wild George began a seemingly unending series of swan dives through the ropes.

In the semifinal struggle-tussle Kansas City Joe Cox required 16 – minutes to dispose of Jim Wright with a combination uppercut and body press. Jim had things his own way until he threw Kansas City Joe out of the ring. That must have been where he made his mistake.

The customers were treated to a mighty struggle when Dapper Dean Detton and Chief Little Wolf wahooed to a bristling 30-minute draw. Getting in and out of Indian deathlocks, the men kept the fans cheering throughout.

Taking care of the early entertainment, Sandor Vary outfumbled Jim Wallis in 11 – minutes and Dick Powell took a 16 -minute funfest from Handsome Happy Hollihan.

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