Donovan Takes Win In ‘Wrestle To Finish’

The Spokesman-Review – April 6, 1956
By Danny May

More than 2000 wrestling fans warmed up last night at the Interstate Fairgrounds arena for next week’s Coliseum headliner between Primo Carnera and equally huge Adrien Baillargeon.

Last night’s fans saw Spokane’s first “finish” wrestling match with Doug Donovan beating Cal Roberts after 11 falls and one hour and five minutes of action.

Roberts was unable to continue after losing the 11th fall on an atomic drop – for which he was set up by being thrown out of the ring over the ropes into the seats.

Roberts led in falls at the end of the match, 7 to 4, but lost because of his disablement.

The semifinal went to Tony Borne over Red Donovan when brother Doug Donovan charged into the ring to rescue Red. Each man had one fall at the time and Borne had Red pinned for the third one when the disqualification came.

Elmer Davis and Leon Kirilenko defeated Jerry Gordetski and Jack Dunnivant in a tag team match on a referee’s decision after 45 minutes had elapsed. Kirilenko had taken the only fall of the bout from Dunnivant by various foul and illegal means after 24:17.

A substitute, young John Buff, from Boise, lost the opener to Treach Phillips on a body slam and press after 14:05, despite doing most of the damage up to that point.


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