Detton Steele Draw In Top Attraction

Rocky Mountain News – January 14, 1938
By Abe Pollock

Dean Detton, 225-pound Salt Lake City grappler who formerly claimed one of the ‘umptee heavyweight wrestling titles, wrestled to what is known to the trade as a Mexican standoff in a bout with Ray Steele, 220-pound Nebraskan, in the top spot on Jack Kanner’s mat show last night at the Auditorium.

Fifteen hundred fans were treated to a delightful evening as the grunting behemoths panted through 90 minutes of warfare to a draw. Curfew nipped the muscle necks after Detton had won the first fall in 47 minutes with an Indian deadlock and Steele had squaredthe count in 12 minutes of the second fall with a punishing leg hold. Detton yelled “uncle” when Steele threatened to break off a limb.

Two polished thespians, Sam Menacher, 210, and Nick Camofredo, 220, pilfered the spotlight in the preliminaries with an adequate spine-tingler.

Sam and Nick shared a deadlock when, after 23 minutes of grimacing and grunting, they fell, head first, from the ring and remained outside the hemp longer than the allotted 20 seconds. Referee Dan Darnell disqualified both.

Menacher and Campofredo displayed a 1938 streamlined repertoire of tricks. The fans were generous in applause.

Baron Benny Ginsberg, who is not an Osage Indian, was his old self in his bout with Pat Fraley. Although Benjamin promised to discard his villain’s role, he was anything but a well-behaved burper, subjecting poor Patrick to almost unbearable torture before the Irisher turned the tables to win in 23 minutes with a leg hold. Adults booed and the kiddies hissed the Baron as he moped up the aisle, a miserable figure in defeat. Ben weighed 218, Pat, 230.

Joe Tontin, 210, tossed Frankie Cutler, 205, in 12 minutes 19 seconds with a body slam.


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