The Sports Spy Glass By Hutch

Arizona Republic – March 3, 1931

Seems like I can’t get Pete Sauer out of my mind and with the mail carrying reams of copy about the great wrestlers of the day, I have the impression that Pete is being the run-around by most of the front-rank matmen.

The latest edition of “The Daily Mud” that is being heaved from the headquarters of Ed Don George’s managerial group contains the offer of Paul Bowser, Boston manager of Gus Sonnenberg, for a purse of $100,000 for the winner of a heavyweight tournament, providing each entry carries a guarantee of $5,000.

Special invitations are offered to Gus Sonnenberg, Ed Lewis, Joe Stecher, Nick Lutze, Everett Marshall, Jack Sherry, Stanley Stasiak, Lee Wykoff, Pat McGill, John Spellman, Count George Zarynoff, Otto Huhtanan, Bill Demetral, Frank Judson, Marin Plestina, George McLeod, Joe Malcewicz and Dan Koloff – all members of the Sandow-Bowser side of the grappling game. Other invitations are addressed to Jim Londos, Jim McMillen, Richard Shikat, Ray Steele (Pete Sauer) and Hans Steinke.

Out of that list of so-called top-notchers there are a few good wrestlers. There are fewer great grapplers, while for the most part they are none too good.

Listing them as they come:

Joe Stecher – all washed up and working purely on the doubtful magnetism of his former championship days.

Ed “Strangler” Lewis – still a great wrestler but doubts exist as to whether he can go more than an hour at top speed.

Everett Marshall – built up by a Los Angeles promoter in an attempt to develop a new champion but a complete fizzle.

Gus Sonnenberg – a sorry champion at best and a worse ex-champion.

Stanley Stasiak – strong and rugged but has permitted himself to be used by the champion-makers to his own detriment.

Lee Wykoff – another Marshall.

Pat McGill – could have been a great wrestler but lacked the color to please the champion-makers.

John Spellman – well known in Phoenix and has nothing to recommend him as a real top-notcher.

Count George Zarynoff – a newcomer but nothing hot.

Otto Huhtanen – goes for him, too.

Bill Demetral – a great Greek 15 years ago, but now washed up for the last 10 years.

Frank Judson – a fair wrestler.

Marin Plestina – used as a policeman by the Sandow-Bowser organization for years. Previous tot hat an outlaw under the management of Ole Marsh. Now used as the “build-up” for new talent.

George McLeod – just another heavyweight.

Joe Malcewicz – could have been great but also permitted the powers-that-be to take advantage of his good nature and is now definitely out of the picture.

Dan Koloff – the man who was accused by the New York commission of having wrestled Sonnenberg under many aliases in many cities. There was never a denial of the charge despite the fact that Koloff really can wrestle.

Jim Londos – champion of the world and disputed only by the Sandow-Bowser group with selfish motives.

Jim McMillen – considered a great prospect but defeated twice in recent weeks by Londos.

Dick Shikat – former champion by virtue of victory in a tournament open to the world and which was carefully avoided by the Sandow-Bowser group.

Ray Steele (Pete Sauer) – our personal selection as the best of the whole assemblage in actual wrestling ability and now being evaded with equal agility by both groups.

Hans Steinke – huge German whose rather colorful career appears to be reaching its peak and he may be the surprise package in the mat game yet.

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