One Red Shadow Tourney Winner

The Oregonian – December 24, 1936

The Pacific Coast Red Shadow used his back breaker to good advantage last night to take the final tussle of a 16-man tournament from Glen Savage.

The windup of the wild and wooly grappling program was just as wild and action-filled as the 14 preceding encounters which led up to the final.

The hooded mat artist took the final imbroglio from Savage after about 15 minutes of tough tussling by hoisting Savage aloft and cracking him across his knee.

The Shadow, slated to meet the Rocky Mountain Red Shadow in one half of the semi-final engagement, was forced to take on Pat Fraley when the Rocky Mountain mystery man was unable to enter the ring because of a leg injury.

Against the Coast Shadow, Fraley went berserk, slugging Referee Harrington and a handful of would-be arbiters who swarmed into the ring. For his roughhouse tactics, Fraley lost the fall on a foul.

Savage won his way into the finals by defeating Harry Kent, the Hillsboro ace. Kent made a flying dive at Savage, only to miss his mark and crash to the orchestra pit. Groggy when he re-entered the ring, Kent was easy prey to Savage’s figure-four head scissors.

Lightning action in the second round melees saw Savage, Kent and the two Red Shadows emerge victorious.

Savage won from Bull Martin with a right to the jaw and a figure-four head scissors after ten minutes of torrid tussling, while Harry swept Dave Johnson off his feet with a series of flying tackles after seven minutes of fast and furious action.

The Rocky Mountain edition of the Red Shadow took an unpopular decision from Pat Fraley while the northwest mystery man thumped Don McIntyre.

The equally torrid first round saw the 16 mat behemoths start out from scratch to earn their way into the second and final heats. Dave Johnson, 220, Calgary, won from Glen Stone, 210, Olympia, in 4:30. Glen Savage, 205, Portland, took a no-fall decision from Leo Numa Anderson, 220, Seattle. The Rocky Mountain Red Shadow, 218, dropped Rebel Bob Russell, 208, Chicago, in 9:32 with a body press while Don McIntyre, 215, Scotland, used flying tackles to flop Bob Hanson, 215, Montreal, manager of the Coast’s Red Shadow.

Ed Anderson, 200, St. Paul, lost to Pat Fraley, 220, San Francisco, when Fraley used toeholds after 9:48. Harry Kent, 230, Hillsboro, won from Jim Maloney, 215, Boston, with flying tackles. Bull Martin, 230, Boston, subdued Les Grimes, 203, Australia, via the headlock route and the Red Shadow, 230, took an unpopular decision from Vic Christy, 220, Los Angeles.


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