Mat Behemoths Set For Tourney

The Oregonian – December 23, 1936

Portland wrestling fans will sit in judgment on one of the hottest wrestling arguments that has taken place in the northwest in years tonight when they weigh the comparative ability of the two Red Shadows, the one who has been wrestling in the northwest and the one whose exploits have been just as great a sensation in the Rocky Mountain region.

Both Shadows are entered in the sixteen-man, one-night tournament which features Steve McPherson’s annual Christmas charity program at the auditorium. The appearance of the Rocky Mountain Shadow at Lewiston, Idaho, two weeks ago, the same night the Northwest Red Shadow wrestled Ed Lewis in Portland, finally brought them together in the Portland arena. After tonight there will be but one Red Shadow, the one who survives the series of battles they both face tonight – if one does survive undefeated.

Sixteen of the greatest heavyweights in the west are entered in the tournament. Many local favorites, including the three who have given the Northwest Red Shadow his toughest battles, Pat Fraley, Vic Christy and Rebel Bob Russell, are among the number who will draw for places in the opening round of tonight’s tournament which will select an opponent for Dean Detton, world heavyweight champion.

There will be eight first-round bouts, 15-minute one-fall to a referee’s decision. The eight winners will then meet in four second-round bouts, also one-fall 15-minute limit, to a decision. Then two semifinal and a final championship bout complete the program. Three referees, headed by Vern Harrington, will have charge of the bouts.


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