Funk, Weaver Hurt; Lopez, Dorsetti Draw

Santa Fe New Mexican – January 10, 1947

Wrestling returned to Santa Fe last night without having missed a stride, as one of the largest crowds of the season saw two gladiators get carried out of the ring.

Gordon Hessel, powerful newcomer, refused to continue his bout with Dory Funk after the latter had banged his head on the corner of the ring while skidding under the ropes. Funk took 18 seconds to get back in the ring, but was in no shape to continue, and referee Jack Corcoran awarded the fight to Hessel, who politely refused the decision and asked that the bout be called “no contest.”

Funk was carried below, and may have suffered a slight concussion.

Burly Buck Weaver was a little less fortunate in his choice of an opponent, and the Scarlet Mask walked to a straight-falls decision, with the aid of some dirty work in the corners. The clincher came in the first fall when the tubby man began kneeing Weaver in the small of the back, and followed by snapping on a half-crab.

Weaver had to be helped from the ring, and when the five-minute rest period was up, asked for more time. The Mask wouldn’t grant any more rest, however, and Weaver limped back into the ring, where he was disposed of in about one minute, via the same method.

The preliminary match between Guillermo Lopez and Joe Dorsetti was a nice, fast scramble, and Lopez used some plain and fancy wrestling to counter Dorsetti’s devious methods – the pair winding up in a draw. Lopez looked fast at times, especially when he reversed a headlock and came up with a rolling head scissors, and when he bridged out of some would-be presses.

The Funk-Hessel match was a tight one all the way through. Both proved equally adept at head scissors, and Hessel gained a press with one for the second fall, after Funk had taken the first with a flying dropkick and a body press.

Promoter Johnny Valdes announced that next week’s card will feature a battle royal, with six wrestlers in the ring at once.


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