Funk, Olsen Win; Weaver Beats Cordova

Santa Fe New Mexican – November 15, 1946

The fair-haired boys backed into a decision last night in their favor at the St. Michael’s gym, but it took a judges’ disqualification to win for Dory Funk and Milt Olsen over Al Williams and Joe Dorsetti. The antics of Old Al and Black Joe at times bordered on the disgusting, and twice had promoter Johnny Valdes in the ring to stop the proceedings.

The first was when Williams hung onto the ropes to maintain his advantage over Funk with a hammerlock. Referee Louis Weihe couldn’t see the slick ropework by Williams, and was about ready to award him the fall when Valdes jumped in. The fall was allowed to continue, however, and Funk gave up two minutes later.

The second fall went to the good boys when Funk slugged Dorsetti into Olsen’s corner, and Olsen slugged him back to Funk. This kept up until the contestants got tired, whereupon Dorsetti dove for the canvas and Funk flopped on top of him and won the tap. Earlier in the fall Funk had tossed Dorsetti through the ropes and had piled on top of him. Olsen and Williams joined in the festivities, and at one time Olsen was ready to beat Dorsetti’s head in with a chair before he was restrained.

The third fall was more or less of a repetition of the first, and wound up with Williams again using the ropes to hold Funk down. Weihe counted the fall, but the ringside officials wouldn’t allow it, and when Williams and Dorsetti protested,t he fight was given to the other pair. The proceedings wound up with all four fighting again, and order was finally restored by Valdes and Weihe.

By contrast, the first match was one of the best seen on the local mat this year. Buck Weaver lived up to his advance billing as a fast, clean grappler, and wont he second and third falls from Polo Cordova, using the seldom-seen diamond twist. The hold is also known as the King Kong twist and as the Hoosier neck twist. In any event Cordova almost had his head jerked off and willingly gave up the second fall in 40 seconds and the third in eight minutes. Previously the young Mexican had won with a calfhold after Weaver was set to take the fall with a body press.

The newcomer is about as fast a wrestler as has hit this circuit in the past few years, and put on quite a show. In winning the second fall, he probably set a speed record, making a backward dive for Cordova’s head as the two squared off at the bell, clamping on his hold and proceeding with the twist. His novel method of getting out of a hammerlock was to run around the ring fast enough so that Cordova was forced to let the hold go, and the centrifugal force carried Cordova out of the ring and onto the floor.


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