Flash: Thesz The Winnah In Two Falls!

Rocky Mountain News – March 8, 1939

LouisThesz, handsome Hungarian from St. Louis, still is one of the world’s wrestling champions.

He retained the claim last night by taming Wild Hans Schnabel, vicious Chicago showman, in straight falls before 2,000 of the faithful in City Auditorium.

Thesz won the first fall on a foul after Schnabel refused to quit using a strangle hold. Referee Jack Bloom warned the loser several times, and when he insisted on choking the champ – my, my! – it was all over.

Louie took the decider in 23:30 with a body hold.

It was a match filled with the customary tactics of the trade. They kicked, cussed, bit and fussed, tossing each other out of the ring, etc.

Thesz weighed 223, Schnabel 225.

Lee Wykoff, 225, playing a villainous role to the hilt, finally disposed of Steve Kayak, 215, in 18:30 of the semi-windup. Lee used a head hold to win the rough affair.

In the preliminaries, George Rigosky, 210, threw Fritz Schnabel, 210, with a body slam in 14:55, and Roy Dunn, 218, disposed of Joe Corbett, 215, in 22:55 with a head hold.

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