Yvon Robert ‘Beats’ Irish Titleholder

United Press – January 9, 1936

HOLYOKE, Mass. – After flattening Danno O’Mahoney twice in an informal wrestling bout last night. Yvon Robert, French-Canadian, claimed the world’s wrestling championship held by the Irishman.

Robert pinned O’Mahoney with a legitimate toss and then knocked him cold with a punch in an unscheduled melee that precipitated a riot.

O’Mahoney was scheduled to meet Frank Judson of New York, whom he threw in straight falls in 34 minutes. Before the regular bout started, Robert, the titleholder’s most persistent challenger, was introduced from the ring; instead of leaving, he doffed his overcoat, a sweater and trousers, emerging in wrestling trunks.

Without warning, he leaped for O’Mahoney, but police interfered.

Throughout the Judson-O’Mahoney contest, Robert heckled the champion from ringside. This made the Irishman furious. After the match, he was said to have shouted at Robert: “I’ll take you some day. The sooner the better.” Other ringsiders claim O’Mahoney demanded an immediate showdown.

At any rate, Robert charged into the ring and before the crowd knew what was transpiring, had O’Mahoney’s shoulders pinned to the mat.

Robert scored the second “fall” after the Irishman kicked himself free. O’Mahoney floored the Canadian twice with haymakers to the chin. Coming up the second time, Robert knocked O’Mahoney through the ropes into ringside seats.

The blow and fall knocked O’Mahoney unconscious.


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