Resumes Inquest Into Death Of Terry

Tacoma News Tribune – February 2, 1934

An early conclusion of the inquest into the death of Rudger Terry, Tacoma wrestler, was in prospect when the hearing was resumed under direction of Dr. Edward R. Perry, Pierce County coroner, late Friday morning.

The inquest was adjourned after all available witnesses had been examined Thursday morning. Jack Bailey of Tacoma, driver of the car in which Terry was riding when he was shot by Cliff Tolson, state patrolman, was to testify Friday. Bailey had left town after a preliminary investigation by the prosecutor’s office and after it was announced that an inquest was unlikely. When he learned that he was wanted as a witness he wired that he would return by today.

Witnesses Thursday included Mrs. Terry and her sister, Miss Catherine Sullivan, both of whom said they smelled liquor on Tolson’s breath when they met him at the sheriff’s office early Tuesday morning, two hours after the shooting. Tolson denied that he had been drinking and several other witnesses denied that they had noticed the odor of liquor on his breath.

Tolson is under suspension, pending the outcome of the inqury. He was firing at the tires of the speeding Bailey car, Tolson said, when a bullet went high and struck Terry in the head.


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